Most businesses fail because of lack of the 5 E's.

IncK is here to help you with all 5! How?


There is no secret, you have to get in there and do it… but you can lean on other people’s experience


Entrepreneurism is draining. IncK is a group who can you can tap into to share your worries, struggles and wins.


Education is the stabilisers while you are gaining experience. Just get your education in the right place.


We have a strict no muppets rule. Anyone who is here for the wrong reasons is gone, no questions asked.


Not doing what you are supposed to or going off track. We help you stay running down the right path.

Website build

We build a SEO optimised site from scratch in the course, so you can follow along or dip into the sections you need help with building to increase your conversions.


Every successful person in to world has a coach, we are yours. Whether it’s advertising, , website issues strategy or mindset, just hop on a call .


We spend £1000’s a day advertising on Google and Facebook. We have distilled our knowledge into a how to course so you can tap into our experience.

Kaizen Growth

We have a range of interactive learning opportunities starting in Autumn 2020, such as interviews and Q&As with global business leaders.

Ready to go? Be one of the first 50 for 50% off & sign up now for £100 pm +VAT!

Have you read our book?

Our book, Gastronomic Marketing details how corporates and food and drink companies can utilise eating and gastronomy to develop deep relationships and rapport. Breaking bread with other people and sharing a table are extremely powerful ways to build relationships, If you would like to find out more, Click here to get your copy from Amazon.

What does the course cover?

The Incubator Kitchen Accelerator will give  all the tools you need to figure out your  marketing and advertising strategy and increase your revenue.

Example modules include:

  • Setting up your Business Manager, your pixel, and understanding the dashboard.
  • Sculpting your first Facebook ads funnel.
  • Creating copy and creative that converts.
  • Setting up the perfect Shopify Site.
  • Harnessing the power of Google.
  • Succeeding on social media.



Is it worth the investment?

Wondering if the IncK Accelerator is value for money? We believe it’s a no-brainer. Let us break down exactly what you get for your money:

8 module 0 to scale Facebook ads course taking you from absolute beginner to having your first funnel built.

worth £995

Multiple Coaching Calls per week, on ads, website, mindset and more.

worth £500 p/m

Monthly coaching calls from industry experts and thought leaders

worth £500 p/m

Monthly guest workshops with acclaimed industry figures on everything from mindset to finance, law and exiting.

worth £200 p/m

Monthly strategy call with Paul on all elements of food business growth and getting ready to scale

worth £300 p/m

Masterminding and collaborating with other businesses who are going through the same journey as you


Why us?

Gastronomic Agency is a specialist growth agency for food and drink businesses founded by Paul Hannagen.

We have been in the hospitality and food and drink industry  for over ten years working in restaurants, pop ups food development and eCommerce.

Having built 5 food and drink business, Paul knows the struggles you face while growing a small business in the food and drink space.

From managing cashflow and staff, to juggling staff and suppliers and even business failures, he got the t-shirt and mastered the skills to grow!

By joining our the Inck Accelerator, you will never be alone again. You have the full  (and rapidly growing) Gastronomic Agency team ready and hungry to help when you need it most.

Let us be your secret weapon in your business success...